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Stock Availability Settings

Setting Description
  • Display Stock Availability

Display stock availability on product pages. Products and its stock quantity should be updated (see Products).

Thresholds and Labels
  • Stock Availability Title

Label shown on product page for the Stock Availability component.

  • List View Show Tile

Label shown on product page for the View More component.

  • Hide Out of Stock

Hide locations where stock is less than Out of Stock Threshold or unset.

  • Out of Stock Threshold

The amount of inventory that is considered "out of stock", for all products.

  • Out of Stock Label

The label to show if the amount of stock reaches the above "out of stock" threshold (default "Out of Stock").

  • Low Stock Threshold

The amount of inventory that is considered "low stock", for all products.

  • Low Stock Label

The label to show if the amount of stock reaches the above "low stock" threshold (default "Low Stock, Contact Store").

  • In Stock Label

The label to show if the product is in stock.

  • Default Stock Label

If an item SKU doesn't exist on Products, handle the item as the selected Stock Label. This is only enabled when "Display Stock Quantity" and "Inventory Control" are disabled

  •  Display Stock Quantity

Display stock quantity figures, instead of “in stock”, “low stock” or “out of stock”.

  • Display Location Address

Display location addresses on the modal list.

  • Force Sort By Distance

No stock item is listed at the end of the list by default. Enable this setting sort locations by distance only.

  • Display Phone

Display phone on Product Detail Page under the location name.

  • Always Show Location List

Display location list below selected location instead of modal. When “Display Shipping Selection” setting is enabled, this setting is ignored.

  • Hidden Products

Product SKU’s here will be considered unavailable to find in store (will not show the button to find in store).

  • Enable Back Order Button

If a product has no stock, display “Back Order Button Label” text on the add to cart button.

  • Back Order Button Label

The text shown on the add to cart button.

  • Modal Open Title
Change ##Location##
  • List View Hide Title
Show Less
  • Modal Title
More Information
  • Modal Subtitle
Find stock availability
  • Modal Table Address Title
  • Modal Field Availability Title
Stock quantity
  • Modal Select Location
Select ##Location##
  • Modal Selected Location
Selected ##Location##
  • Modal Field Directions Title
Get directions
  • Modal Field Email Value
Email store
  • No Location Available
No ##Location## has stock
Inventory Control
  • Enable Inventory Control

Check and modify the shopping cart items’ quantities for the customer’s location or selected location to ensure a no-over ordering. For example, if the SKU A in the Location A has 10 stocks, but a customer who’s location is the Location A added 11 quantities of the SKU A to the cart, this function will adjust the cart item quantity for the SKU A to 10 instead of 11 to avoid over ordering.

  • Enable Deduct Stock

When a Click & Collect order is placed, deduct ordered items' stock to prevent over selling. (Click & Collect must be enabled.)

  • Checkout loading message (Deprecated)

The message shown when the cart item stocks are checked on the checkout page. i.e. Checking the stock availability

  • Custom Cart Updated Message

The message shown when cart items updated on the checkout page.


  • Ignore Non-Synced Sku

Make product SKU's which are not imported to products ignored for Stock Availability and Inventory Control.

  • No. of Locations to Display

Reduce displayed locations.

Google Maps
  • Google Maps API Key

  • Display Map on Modal

  • Map Zoom

  • Google Maps Styles

Customize your Google Maps with javascript style array (JSON) from Snazzy Maps.

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