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Click & Collect Settings

Setting Description
  • Enable Click & Connect

Display the ‘Click & Collect’ feature on the checkout page.

  • Pickup In Store Options Display Name

Enter the ‘Display name’ for the ‘Pickup In Store Options’ in the BigCommerce Store Shipping Setup. The Click & Collect app will be displayed on the shipping method.

  • Enable Select Location

Let customer to choose Click & Collect locations on product pages. Locations should be setup (see Locations).

  • Show All Locations

Enable to select any locations from the location dropdown list on the checkout page regardless item stock quantity. This setting does not affect the product page location list modal. Please make sure item stocks are set via Products (see Products) if Show All Locations is disabled.

  • Restrict to customer location

Display only the location where the customer is assigned to. Disable this to display the dropdown list which a customer can choose a pick up location from multiple choices on the checkout page.

  • Overwrite Shipping Address

Overwrite order’s shipping address to Click & Collect location address.

  • Use Custom Checkout (New v4.2.2)

Update an order’s shipping address to the selected location one on checkout.
TAX recalculation will occur at checkout. Make sure TAX rules are set up and addresses are set to each location.

  • Enable Store Order Emails (New v4.2.3)

Send the store an order email when selected for Click and Collect.

  • Show Availability (New v4.2.4)

Show availability of delivery and click and collect on cart page. (If no SKU match with product data, pick up will be unavailable for the item.)

  • Display Shipping Selection

Display Click & Collect option on product page along with Home Delivery option.

  • Select Click & Collect Shipping Option

Select Click & Collect shipping option on checkout page if the option is selected on product page

  • Use Imperial

Display distance in imperial (mi). Default unit is metric (km)

Select Location
  • Select Location Label

Label shown on product page for the Click & Collect component

  • Google Maps API Key

Your Google Maps API key that is used for geolocation services (Find closest location and displaying map in locations modal on product page)

  • Location List Modal
  • Modal Get Location Placeholder Text
  • Modal Get Location Button Title
  • Modal Current Location Button Title
  • Modal Disabled Location Button Title
  • Note Tooltip Label
    • Label shown on product page location modal for the location note tooltip
  • Shipping Selection
  • Shipping Selections Title
  • Home Delivery Option Title
  • Home Delivery Option Description
  • Show Availability
  • Loading Message
  • Available Label
  • Unavailable Label
  • Delivery Title
  • Collect In-Store Title
  • Checkout
  • Shipping Location Selection Title
  • No Location Available Label
  • Overwrite Shipping Address Notification
  • Order Confirmation Messages
  • Sending Request
  • Confirmation Success
  • Confirmation Failure
  • Restrict Searchable Regions
Restrict the searchable regions that the customer can use (default empty).
  • Restrict Click & Collect at Checkout (Allowed List)
Enable Click & Collect option at checkout for selected customers/customer groups only
  • Restrict Click & Collect at Checkout (Blocked List)
Disable Click & Collect option at checkout for selected customers/customer groups
  • Update Order Status
Update order status for click and collect order
  • Order Status
Order status to be updated

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