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Overview & Installation

Generic Xero Connector
by MyIntegrator

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An easy way to connect your BigCommerce store and XERO system (XERO homepage). Automatically sync orders, invoices and payments between platforms and give your customers a way to quickly pay invoices online with Stripe (Stripe homepage).

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


This add-on is a one-click install (via the BigCommerce app store).

Once the app is installed, connect your XERO company via the (General Settings) and (optionally) your Stripe account via the (Invoice Module) page.


  • Seamless integration with Xero

Dynamically create invoice(s) when a new order has been created. Allow your customer(s) to get access to XERO's invoices based on their Contact ID. Allow your customer(s) to view in detail, download (as PDF) and pay their invoice(s).

  • Payments via Stripe
(Optionally) Use your Stripe account to allow your customers to pay invoices effortlessly through Stripe.
  • Highly configurable

Customisable to better suit your business needs. Create a flow between your store and XERO.

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