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Overview & Installation

Picking Slip Generator
by MyIntegrator

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Speed up warehouse picking and optimize picking paths with our multi-pick and auto order printing solution which allows you to automatically create picking slips for any new orders coming from your store, with the option to auto-print and auto-email with many customisation options.

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


This add-on is a one-click install (via the BigCommerce app store).

If you need help to style the app to your business needs, contact us for a quote.


  • Create Picking Slip on New Order
Our application allows you to generate a new packing slip for any new orders coming through your store, this is also customisable to allow only orders that have a certain selected list of order statuses to have its picking slip generated.
  • Create Multi Pick Slip For Multiple Orders
Our application will allow you to combine a range of orders into one picking slip and allows you to auto print and auto email when the settings is enabled.

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