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Overview & Installation

Excise Tax Manager
by MyIntegrator

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A simple tax management app that allows you to quickly set up custom taxes and per-product flat rates.

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


This add-on is a one-click install (via the BigCommerce app store).

Once the app is ready, navigate to your BigCommerce ‘Settings’ tab, and then in the ‘Tax’ section, and enable our MyIntegrator tax service.

That’s it, you’re now ready to configure your tax rules!


  • Add Custom Tax Rates
Our app allows to to setup and add custom taxes, levies and fees to your store on checkout.
  • Configure Tax Rules
Setup rule-based taxes that apply based off of product SKU, customer group, tax class, shipping location and more
  • Display Inclusive Tax Breakdowns
Show your customers the tax breakdowns for orders with tax inclusive items.
  • Integrate with Avalara
Connect your Avalara account to automatically import cross-region tax compliance rules.

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