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Overview & Installation

Purchase Orders
by MyIntegrator

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Enable your BigCommerce customers to pay for orders store by Purchase Order (PO).

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


  1. Install the app via the (BigCommerce App Store)
  2. Go to Store Setup > Payments > Offline Payment Methods
  3. Set up the "Payment By Cheque" payment method
  4. Change the payment method name to “Purchase Order”
  5. (Optional, but recommended) Change the payment information to a message appropriate for customers ordering by Purchase Order.
  6. That’s it! Our add-on will handle the rest.

* If you are already using the Check payment method, you can change the default payment method that the app overrides to another such as Money Order (see Override Payment Method) TODO link


  • No need to worry about any coding
Designed to work flawlessly with BigCommerce Optimized One-Page Checkout.
  • Fully customisable

Fully customisable from your Store's settings.

  • PDF upload support
(can be disabled)
  • Restriction Control
Allow particular e-mails and/or specific customer groups to have purchase orders enabled.
  • Staff Notes

Leverages staff note field on each order which can be customised in your settings.

  • Mobile Support

Mobile and user friendly

  • Custom Workflows

Custom workflow available such as ERP / Accounting systems integration for debtor credit checking

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