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(IBuyUPay) simplifies, secures and streamlines online payments by using a streamlined payment deferral process. IBuyUPay is committed to revolutionising the existing purchasing process by reducing unnecessary overheads in eCommerce platforms, with a focus on both business and consumer stores.

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  • Simplify
With a single click, a buyer can request someone else to pay for their order, whilst you rest easy as the busy work of follow-up, approval and reconciliation is handled under-the-hood. With IBuyUPay, pass-on payments can be managed as easily as any other method.
  • Secure
Our pass-on payment requests can be lodged just as quickly as other payment methods, whilst IBuyUPay will instantly send out approval emails, and if necessary, follow-up notifications to keep the process as fast as possible. When payment is approved, the order will be validated and processed immediately.
  • Streamline
Your customer will be delivered straight to a payment gateway, allowing them to purchase the order in full. The order's status will be updated automatically, and a receipt will be generated and sent to the customer to confirm that their payment was successful.

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