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Installation & Setup


A Stripe account is required as a prerequisite. You can obtain one at (Stripe's official homepage).

This add-on is a one-click install.


  1. Connect your Stripe account by clicking Connect With Stripe in (General Settings)
  2. Set a (Offline Payment Methods) either Cheque or Money Order, and select Override Payment Method at (General Settings).
  3. Set the invoice and receipt sender email addresses to your business needs at (General Settings).
  4. Set restrictions for customer emails, customer groups, all customers or guests at (Restrictions Settings).
  5. Customise the invoice and receipt emails if necessary at (Invoice Settings) and (Receipt Settings).

How to Use

  1. Place an order at (Storefronts).
  2. At checkout, select payment method which is set at (General Settings), and enter an email address to receive an invoice as well as a link to pay the order.
  3. Order payment status can be checked at (Orders dashboard).

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