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eSync Worker
by MyIntegrator

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MyIntegrator eSync is an automation solution for integrating BigCommerce with Australia's leading Accounting Systems such as MYOB, NetSuite, SAP, JIWA, JIM2, Quickbooks, ReadySell, MS Dynamics, ABM, Sage and much more, to enable complete control for Orders, Inventory, Products, Customers and Freight.

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  • Flexible to your business rules
Advanced configuration allows you to make the integration suit your business logic and workflow.
  • Admin and Logging
Our admin panel allows users to monitor the status of all their jobs and gives a high degree of control and configuration over their integration, plus track and trace issues with product data or platform specific errors using the continuous logging features.
  • Wide range of platforms
Covers all of Australia's leading accounting platforms and can even be customised to interact with any other external services that you use.


Pricing is based on the end points (eg. orders, inventory, shipping updates, etc.) and the accounting/ERP system requiring integration. Includes a one-time setup fee and annual service fees.

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