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Overview & Installation

Barcode Scanner
by MyIntegrator

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Offer new shipping solutions by adding custom, advanced rules-based shipping rates to your store, allowing you charge tailored amounts based on conditions like shipping region, ZIP/Postcode, products, orders, customer group, order weight and more.

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


The add-on itself is a one-click install (via the BigCommerce app store).


  • Simple Setup, Complete Control
Once the shipping method is enabled, it can be configured within the app dashboard and does not affect other shipping methods. curate your own set of zones and regions or use our pre-set global list.
  • Ship your Way
Enhance your shipping with unique flat-rates based on shipping region, total order value and/or customer groups.
  • Set Tailored Rates
Your rates can charge a flat fee, a per-item rate, a per-kilogram rate or a percentage of the order total.
  • Use Conditional Rules

You can optionally set your rates to display based on any combination of:

  • Order weight
  • Order cost
  • Shipping Region
  • Products in cart (SKU exclude and include)
  • Customer
  • ZIP/post code
  • Current Date

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