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(DispatchPay) is a simple way to request and secure payments on existing unpaid orders. Once an order is ready, you can generate a payment link, send it to a customer and process the sale automatically, with one small click.

You can find out more (on the official MyIntegrator website).


  • Create An Order Through Your ERP or Your Online Store
Our app will detect unpaid orders, and readies an invoice email with a secure payment link. Monitor and configure the format, send trigger and payment methods through our easy-to-use control panel.
  • Instantly Deliver It To Your Customer By Email
A secure payment link will be delivered right to the customer's inbox just as the order is created. If they ignore it, follow-up invoices can be sent to remind customers about the unpaid order.
  • Customers Pay Immediately; No Log In
Your customer will be delivered straight to a payment gateway, allowing them to purchase the order in full. The order's status will be updated automatically, and a receipt will be generated and sent to the customer to confirm that their payment was successful.

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